金のメンバーがVIPのコンテンツにアクセスできるようになります (今月購入したアカウント)

Concerning Filejoker and Membership

From now until November 30th, 2018 , We will start uploading data on Filejoker , and new Posts will have Filejoker and Subyshare simultaneously . Commencing December 1st, 2018 We will stop uploading on Subyshare and only Filejoker will be able to continue with Heaven Hut .

2018年11月30日まで, Filejokerでデータをアップロードし始めます,新しい投稿にはFilejokerとSubyshareが同時に表示されます.2018年12月1日に開始 ,私たちはSubyshareでのアップロードをやめ、FilejokerだけがHeaven Hutを続けることができます。

 Old members who have Heaven Hut accounts such as Silver,Gold,Platinum and Diamond will remain and log in successfully until expiration, then the renewal or purchase of new accounts, Filejoker is mandatory here.

以前のHeaven Hutアカウントのメンバーは有効期限までログオンし、ログインに成功します, 新しいアカウントの更新と購入、Filejokerはここでは必須です。

 Old data will remain on Subyshare for about 6 months and they will be gradually transferred to Filejoker.


Thank you for your support!.
We are glad you have chosen to be a member of our website and we hope you enjoy your stay

金のメンバーがVIPのコンテンツにアクセスできるようになります (今月購入したアカウント)

Notice of Copying my Releases !

Prevent copying my releases from other websites

I required members :
ღღღ_ You must register members can see the full content and download links
that means
You must have a   Filejoker premium account and give me your Premium Filejoker account name
then I’ll activate your account at JP PORN
and you can log in and view full of content and download links in my website

ღღღ_ I do not accept accounts purchased from other paths
Have to buy from guidance in my website ,Please Read more :

ღღღ_ No using VPN/VPS/proxy/tor/dedicated/hosting.. to share my releases , and NO sharing  your account with someone.

ღღღ_ I will accept all the requests and always support my members
I’m glad you have chosen to be a member of my Website and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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